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I've been studying for well over a year and reading comp is the section I'm just not getting any better at, in fact I've gotten worse. After nearly acing my LG and LR (-2 combined),RC has single-handedly out of the 170s. I score anywhere from -5 to -8. At this point, I'm just not sure law school is for me if I can't simply read and do well answering questions. I've tried many different methods but no one strategy yields significantly more positive results than another. I'm really unsure of what to do but for the first time in my studying I'm close to calling it quits (for financial reasons I'm not willing to go into a certain amount of debt which requires a good LSAT for the target schools I'm looking at).

Any advice?


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    I'm in no place to give actual advice as I'm still in my CC but I did try other study materials before coming to 7sage (basically, it's my second round of dealing with RC for learning + also have experience with extensive reading for tests other than LSAT.)

    I haven't dealt with RC for quite some time as I was going through LR and LG, but one thing I noticed when coming back to it was that it became much easier. I thought about the difference and it pointed to vocabulary & grammar.

    By this time I'm assuming you are aware of multiple RC strategies and tried them too. Low resolution summary method by JY is a must, but on top of that, try to supplement your vocabulary bank. Also keeping a note of hard, hefty sentences that you struggled with during your test (be that from LR or RC) and returning to them repeatedly to analyze and understand grammatical structure helped a lot for me.

    Don't be discouraged, you're so close!

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    I think discussing your thought with someone as you are reading the passage actually helps! If you can get -2 with LG and LR combined, that means you don't have any problem with reading. You may just not doing it in the correct way.

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