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Has anyone successfully appealed a test taking limit?

emmorensemmorens Core Member
in General 1470 karma

Looking to chat with anyone who has had a positive experience appealing the 5 attempts within 5 years policy. :)


  • brookegojazzbrookegojazz Core Member
    edited January 2022 360 karma

    I did! I had a hiccup tech wise in the October exam that I didn't think warranted a whole new exam at the time. In December, upon recommendation from a law school advisor, I wrote a succinct, solid argument for why even a 1-2 minute interruption could impact my score and warranted another take. I wasn't sure how likely an appeal would be but was pleased with how quickly LSAC got back with me and that I was approved for a 6th attempt. Good luck! My advice is shoot your shot, it will be an automatic no unless you try!

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