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Timing help on RC

pegahnasrollpegahnasroll Monthly Member

Hi y'all.

So first to start im currently scoring a 1587-161, the score im aiming for is a 161 on my LSAT. LR and RC seem to be my worst sections, and since I've read LR is the most learnable (between LR and RC) I focused on improving my LR score. Im still missing about 8-15 questions in my RC section and most of it has to do with timing. I do much better untimed, and I've timed myself before on my phone and im able to do a RC passage under 35 minutes, im just not sure what's going on when I actually take it timed and can see the time.
Any advice would be helpful as I've tried literally everything I've read. Something to note is that I have horrible test anxiety (to the point where I've thrown up during exams) but unfortunately couldn't get an accommodation on time for the march exam.

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