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MoosaderMoosader Alum Member
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1. How far back is safe for me to take real LSATs? A little bit ago I read somewhere that anything before 40 is too different and can throw you off slightly. Spare me the preferences c-rap unless its insightful. Obviously there are obvious pros and cons to taking them all or just taking the last 30 for accuracy. I just want to know when the major changes in the test occurred. Thanks :)

2. People be crazy on here, studying for a year plus (aka I'm jealous of your planning and dedication and determination). I'll be putting in 4 months total, three months super serious like 50 hours a week minimum. I fully expect to get a 170+. I don't believe in PTing until I've finished all my coursework (Trainer, 2 Powerscores, and Cambridge drills 40 - 61, so I can't back this claim up whatsoever. After I finish I'll be doing at least 51-73/74 PTs, and probably 10 hours with a tutor. (Yes, I am totally fine with doing a PT a day). My point is this: Don't believe the gentle haters that so politely tell you can't or that you need more time. You got this, I got this. Watch a shia labeouf satire video and read a quote about persistence and necessary failure.

3. twoscoopsofpoop, seriously. I'm bearded balding overweight and I've accomplished all this at only 20. I'm totes down to study anything in the trainer now, or powerscores and PT/BR (not sure what BR means) starting Friday. Have a nice day, smiley face.
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