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Current LSAT Structure?

bkn26516bkn26516 Yearly Member

I'm currently registered for both the April and June 2022 LSAT. If I correctly understand the structure description from LSAC, the LSAT is now 3 scored sections (1 of each type) and 1 unscored experimental section. Does that mean that the test is essentially still a Flex format with the addition of an unscored section, i.e. there is not 2 scored LR sections as the PTs have? If so, should I be choosing to simulate Flex when I am PTing?


  • shelbylllshelbylll Monthly Member
    11 karma

    Yes, 3 scored & one unknown experimental. I personally haven't been stimulating the flex on PTs since the flex only stimulates 3 sections and there will be 4 on the actual LSAT. I want to be prepared to do well on the 4th section, it may not be the experimental one.

  • ---Sol------Sol--- Monthly Member
    23 karma

    Take into account that the 4th section might not be LR, while on pts it will always be. Therefore, pts' results might differ a bit as you are getting double scored on LR while during test day, you won't. I am also taking the june lsat. International test taker here, so if I have to re take, I will be forced to wait until October. Hope not!

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