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Which PT's should I take?

Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
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Hi all!

Some folks told me to stick to taking practice tests using only the 60s and onwards, and to use the tests prior to the 60s just for casual drilling. I wanted to know what ya'll thought and if it is good to throw in an older PT in the 50s or earlier every now and then.



  • tobychen45tobychen45 Member
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    It depends on your situation. I have taken PTs from PT 20-70 so far but only because I had started prepping a year in advance. Of course, even if you have 1-3 months before your exam, you can always do more PTs/week to be able to do PT 50 onwards. It's all up to you, do you feel like you need to do 50 PTs? Or just 10-20 PTs?

    At least for me, I've been taking 1 PT a week and reviewing it to fully understand my errors and weaknesses but I do plan to take 2 PTs a week for my last month of prepping, so I can get use to the atmosphere of exams. Nonetheless, by the time I'm done, I'll have done PTs 20-90.

  • mattscrappymattscrappy Member
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    When is your test? Older tests are still valuable for some content and structure but aren't representative of what you'll probably see on your real LSAT. You should prioritize new tests if you have limited time and/or as it gets closer to your actual test date, but IMO if you have the time to study, older tests can still be useful. If nothing else, maybe they can help you get used to answering questions quicker.

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