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Reading Comprehension fluctuations

FutureDA24-1FutureDA24-1 Monthly Member

I am a mid 160s scorer with my best score being a 170. I am trying to consistently enter the 170s but my RC is always the most subject to variation it would seem. I have LR and LG down to almost mastery, but every time I do RC I vary from minus 2 to minus 10 and it is deeply frustrating at times. My question to you is how did you improve the best in RC and how did you obtain more consistent scores? I always feel like I get lost trying to find information in the passage, especially with the time constraint. Good pacing strategies also help.


  • DontPay4LawSchoolDontPay4LawSchool Alum Member
    edited February 27 566 karma

    It depends, are you running out of time and that's why you're missing questions? I can only speak for me personally but I found simplifying my RC approach was the most effective way to combat variability. With all of the strategies out there, there are really only a handful of things you need to read for:

    1. Main Point
    2. Author's attitude
    3. Structure
    4. Identify the parties (authors, scientists, historians, etc) and what their opinions are

    Outside of these things, actively engaging in the text is paramount. You'll notice that many/most of the questions about a passage ask for inferences. So, think about these inferences as you're reading and what the text might be or could be implying. Specifically to the variability, come up with a solid approach to these passages. If you're just going into the passage haywire, then developing a consistent approach will help reduce variability. Lastly, RC variability might simply come down to variability in difficult among PTs.

  • FutureDA24-1FutureDA24-1 Monthly Member
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    That makes sense. I have seen significant improvement since becoming a more active reader and paying attention to different parties, I think my significant issue after reflecting on this is I get stuck on one challenging passage and waste far more time than anticipated, especially the art/humanities passages.

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