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3 month study plan

Hi everyone, I just started prepping for the LSAT and plan on writing it twice. Which sections of the prep courses do you recommend I focus on to achieve the highest score? I will be writing this June and I plan on re-writing Oct. My diagnostic score was not that bad and to get accepted into my dream school I need a 158. I work full-time right now but will be taking all of next month off to study, any tips on self-study would be appreciated. T


  • CPFFutureLawyerCPFFutureLawyer Core Member
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    need this!

  • souzan_easouzan_ea Free Trial Member
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    Let me know if you need a study buddy!

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    With a decent diagnostic, relatively modest target score, and only three months to study, Logic Games is almost certainly where you need to focus most. It probably represents the largest cache of points which can be most quickly and reliably added to your total. Hit the Logic Games curriculum hard and then foolproof as many games as you can get to.

    Depending on the specific breakdown of your diagnostic, I’d probably say ignore Reading Comprehension entirely. It tends to require the most work for the least gains, and students often get worse before they get better. So if Reading Comp is within an acceptable range at all, probably best to let it be. Just make sure to think about a basic time management strategy to make sure you’re reliably finishing the section.

    For LR, again depending on your exact diagnostic breakdown, work on that but avoid getting overly technical. Instead, work on refining and informing your intuitions for the specific purposes of the LR section. With three months total study time, you’re not going to master every concept, and mastery of something like conditional logic requires enormous time and effort. So you may do better to target familiarity and basic proficiency rather than mastery.

    To be clear, none of this is optimal and all of it is based on a lot of big assumptions. But with a decent diagnostic, a very reasonable target score, and only three months to study, I think something like this likely represents your best option. And if the time comes and you’re not scoring in your target range, please consider reevaluating your timeline and study plan, and think about pushing your test date!

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