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Looking for a Study Buddy or Study Buddies (virtually or in EPTX [inclusive-or for both ors])

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Hi there!

My name is Jaganath, and I've been studying off and on with 7sage for four years. I am a non-traditional student: I'm 34.

I have 71% of the core material finished (on the 3rd problem set for In/Out games), and I would like to habituate better study rituals and have someone(s) to discuss things with regularly. I have booked a free consultation with 7Sage for Tutoring on Saturday, and I foresee myself utilizing a tutor up until I sit for the exam.

My main goal is to create a support system of 7Sagers who are committed to following through with the exam and getting into Law School.


  • JoeJoeCocomoeJoeJoeCocomoe Monthly Member
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    I'm 32, re-taking the exam. Feel free to reach out. I scored 162 in January, but since, I've scored more like 166-171, and am hoping for anything above 165. Feel free to hit me up on here.

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