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LSAC confirmed removing Logic Games

gabehasastorygabehasastory Monthly Member
in August 2022 LSAT 36 karma

Hi everyone, I just found out that LSAC has plans to gradually remove the logic games section from the LSAT supposedly through 2023. Was just wondering if anyone knows whether this next testing cycle is going to contain the logic games section...


  • bavseerhabavseerha Monthly Member
    19 karma

    We will definitely have the logic games. That is just good news for the future ones unfortunately.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    991 karma

    From the research I’ve done, nobody is sure exactly when the logic games section will be removed. I’d imagine there’ll be a relatively advanced warning before it happens, though!

  • maco4538maco4538 Monthly Member
    130 karma

    The test will only get harder without LG. Most people rely on LG as their 10pt score booster. Can't lean on that anymore, best of luck to these future test takers.

  • ailema03ailema03 Monthly Member
    edited July 24 6 karma

    So we will still have the logic game section for June 9 2023? I also heard that the they are thinking of removing the LSAT as a requirement for Law School, but that the schools can choose if they wish to keep the LSAT as part of their entrance requirement

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    991 karma

    @ailema03 It’s almost guaranteed logic games will stick around through June 2023. In the past, when LSAC has made a major change to the LSAT, they’ve given a notice far in advance of it happening. Additionally, it’s still not confirmed whether LG will be totally removed, greatly altered, only slightly altered, etc.

  • 5Fennel LSAT5Fennel LSAT Monthly Member
    154 karma

    Some mistaken conclusions drawn from the announcements here.

    Background: The LSAT analytical reasoning section in its current form was ruled to be an unreasonable barrier to legally blind test takers due to its reliance on visual diagramming. LSAC announced that will be researching and developing new forms of logic games in the interest of fairness.

    Some unexpected atypical experimental sections on the June 2022 were issued for LSAC's testing new simplified game types with follow-up survey questions regarding use of diagramming. This is most likely the direction that the games will change rather than outright removal of logic games.

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