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Writing section, test day procedures for the AUGUST LSAT

willstrohwillstroh Monthly Member
edited June 13 in August 2022 LSAT 13 karma

Hello all, just had a few quick questions about the LSAT on exam day. I am signed up for the August LSAT.

Even though there are only three graded sections as of 2020, we still take the full four section exam, correct?
What is the timeline for exam day? Should i expect a 5-10 minute break in between each section, or are they strictly back to back?

Also, has anybody actually legitimately prepared for the writing section? I've been studying since around January of 2022, and I haven't done a practice writing a single time. My score keeps on going up when I'm studying the graded portion, so i don't want to waste any time on something that seems to be far more inconsequential.

Have you practiced the writing section
  1. Not at all4 votes
    1. Yes, a little
    2. Yes, a lot


  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    4159 karma

    4 sections total - 3 scored, 1 experimental

    1 minute break between each section - 10 minute break after 2 completed sections before moving to the last 2 sections

    Practice 1-3 prompts and you'll be fine. LSAC has one prompt listed on their website.

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