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Small accountability/training group 170+

dnthmnxx-1-1dnthmnxx-1-1 Monthly Member

I see a lot of groups form here with lots of people and undoubtedly a lot of noise. Personally, I wouldn't gain from entering a sea of people making noise on a discord group.
I'd like to form a small group of people (<10) that can support each other to develop our skills and study efficiently. I want to keep the bar high for the group, so you should have scored a 155+ on your diagnostic to qualify, or are PT-ing at 165+. Does anyone want to participate?


  • PapaPetrovitchPapaPetrovitch Monthly Member
    70 karma

    I like the idea. Count me in!

  • allariakallariak Monthly Member
    22 karma

    Count me in. Scored a 167 diagnostic and currently testing around 173-175.

  • angusgaffney10angusgaffney10 Monthly Member
    14 karma

    i'd be interested

  • mz.roganmz.rogan Monthly Member
    25 karma

    i'm interested

  • AlexLSAT-1AlexLSAT-1 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    172 official score already, taking again in August. Potentially interested

  • njamesgossmannnjamesgossmann Monthly Member
    11 karma

    I'd like to join.

  • 3 karma

    Currently scoring in the 167 range. Definitely interested.

  • hshouhshou Monthly Member
    12 karma

    I would like to join as well. 172 on last PT.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    963 karma

    Interested! 158 diagnostic and fool proofing before PTing.

  • SmartMoneyIggySmartMoneyIggy Monthly Member
    6 karma

    Definitely interested! Currently at 170-173, but don't want to start slacking now!

  • coldbrewithoatcoldbrewithoat Monthly Member
    edited June 27 88 karma

    I'm interested! Diagnostic 154 and PTing currently at 173

  • izaspdizaspd Monthly Member
    7 karma

    Interested Pting at 163 atm.

  • Titus QuinctiusTitus Quinctius Monthly Member
    25 karma

    Interested. PT-ing at 161

  • Maddy PPB 2022Maddy PPB 2022 Yearly Member
    10 karma

    Interested 171

  • fiftyvolcanoesfiftyvolcanoes Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Interested, if room is still available. Last PT was 171

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
    419 karma

    Last 2 PTs were 170 and 175. I'd love to join and share strategies/ideas!

  • ScofieldZScofieldZ Monthly Member
    25 karma

    Interested. PT average was 170 and plan to take it in Aug/Sep

  • aref_law__aref_law__ Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Would love to join as well. Scoring at around a 165-170 right now

  • dnthmnxx-1-1dnthmnxx-1-1 Monthly Member
    edited July 5 8 karma

    Still room for a few members

  • reidjosephchamplinreidjosephchamplin Monthly Member
    3 karma

    I'm in!

  • izzyysizzyys Member
    3 karma

    Would like to join!

  • L. WoodsL. Woods Monthly Member
    58 karma

    Interested! Last PT was 170, hoping to maintain that or higher for October test.

  • brydenwrightbrydenwright Monthly Member
    13 karma

    I'd like to join! Last 3 PT's were 174, 177 and 175

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