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"Why" essays

100180180100180180 Monthly Member

I was just wondering which T14-T20 law schools ask for why statements. I have seen them come up on many podcasts and blogs about law school applications, yet most schools I've looked at don't seem to require or even offer any essays other than personal statements, diversity statements, addendum.


  • bananabobananabo Monthly Member
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    On the top of my head, I know that Berkeley and UMich has options for writing why X essays. I also think Cornell has a short answer question asking why you have an interest in their school. Most are not required, but it's highly encouraged. The only school I know that absolutely requires a why X essay is UCI.

    You can skim through application requirements here:

    If a school doesn't offer an option for a separate why X essay, you can always add a paragraph at the end of your personal statement for why you want to go that specific school.

    Hope that helps! :)

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