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145 —-> 169

Lizardking-1Lizardking-1 Monthly Member
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Key takeaways:

Nothing profound; just my humble .02.

-If your goal score is far from your diagnostic (15/20+ points), give yourself at least a year to study.
-get a 7Sage subscription ASAP if you haven’t already.
-Do lots of reading outside the LSAT. The economist, foreign affairs, NY review of books are all great. I honestly believe this was responsible for most of my progress in RC.
-Be a stoic. You’re going to see significant fluctuations in PT scores. Your response to those fluctuations is key. I was ecstatic when I broke into the high 160’s, and devastated when my PT scores subsequently dropped to the low 160’s. By being conservative in your response to fluctuations, it makes it easier to avoid disappointment and psyching yourself out.
-The loophole is a great LR resource.

Good luck.


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