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Steps to get a writing accommodation with paper/pencil LSAT?

ellemkayellemkay Core Member

Taking the Jan 2023 LSAT, and in the process of registering for the exam. Has anyone gotten accommodations with getting a paper copy of the exam? If so, how do you go about getting such accommodation? Thanks!


  • Shemariel165-1-1-1Shemariel165-1-1-1 Live Member
    113 karma

    Hi, I got accommodation because an social anxiety disorder especially around performance. I originally took myself to get a Psych evaluation bc I thought I had ADHD. But it turns out I displayed so much Anxiety that the Psychologist couldn't make an ADHD diagnosis until I had my anxiety under control. (we are working on that)He pointed out in my Psych exam that I did better when I was able to use my hands and noted that in his official evaluation. When I applied for accommodation I asked and explain why I needed a paper copy and backed it up with the evaluation I had. I als submitted a Qualified Professional form which my Psychologist has to also fill out.

    In short if you can explain why you have a need for it and get a Professional to legitimately back it up you should be good.

    hope this helped

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