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Applying rules in logic games strategically and out of order

dubnationdubnation Member
in Logic Games 41 karma
I've found that sometimes it really matters what order you apply the rules when going thru individual questions in the LG sections. Apply the right rule fist and an inference pops up that causes you to be able to trigger or make irrelevant another rule. However, if you go thru the rules in a suboptimal order, then you sometimes have incomplete inferences that don't let you fully "spend" a rule, and you have to come back to that rule a second time...

Does anyone have any guidance for the best order to begin applying rules in rule driven games? Usually in the games, JY always seems to apply rules in the perfect order but during a pressured exam, it's not always clear to me which rules I should be going thru first.


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    Since the interaction of second, third and fourth order inferences can come about in a variety of ways I would say your best bet is apply all the absolute rules first to design your master game board and then use conditional rules to start splitting game boards if necessary/possible. There's no smoking gun for this so that's why it's best to do every game that's been published so it increases your ability to make inferences quickly since there is a relatively small amount of variation that they can really put into the games unless they want to wholly reinvent their techniques.

    JY is not doing those games for the first time in the explanations so he often either goes in order or has a much deeper understanding of which rules will help trigger certain outcomes and does them in the perfect order because of that. I'm sure he's done enough games at this point that he has a pretty intuitive feel for what rules to use first in any particular game but I think that's from seeing so many games and rules as opposed to developing strict rules for applying rules in a certain order.
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