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When do you take full practice tests? They don't appear to be built into the curriculum?

Jacob BlumbergJacob Blumberg Core Member
in General 80 karma

So I have just been following the curriculum in order, I am about 9% done at the moment. I scrolled through the rest of it quickly and figured I would find scheduled practice tests throughout. However, I am pretty sure there are none. I only saw prep tests in a group right at the end. Prep tests are not the full length tests, right?

So I have to schedule and take my own full length tests throughout the course?


  • gg630-1-1gg630-1-1 Yearly Member
    27 karma

    The problem sets built into the core curriculum make up the early LSAT PTs. The rest of them are the prep tests at the end, which are fully simulated practice tests (real previous exams)

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Core Member
    2165 karma

    I recommend taking PTs after completing the curriculum. Some people take PTs at regular intervals throughout the curriculum. It’s just personal presence and whatever you think will help you learn best. Regardless of what you do, though, I highly advise against you taking the most recent PTs while you’re still completing the CC. They’re the most valuable PTs you have, so saving them for later in your studies, when you’re closer to your test date, will almost certainly be more beneficial.

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