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October 22 LSAT Study Group near Southbay LA

alonsogaralonsogar Live Member
edited August 2022 in October 2022 LSAT 69 karma

I understand in-person study groups may not be recommended by 7sage for different reasons.

In my humble opinion there is nothing like in-person college-like cramming where different people may come together and assist in what others find difficult to comprehend & vice-versa.

I was wondering if there are any in-person study groups near SouthbBay area in a public, quiet place (I.E. a Library's study room). If not, would there be people willing to participate in one?Alternatively a Zoom Group would be good enough. LMK!

I have created a survey to get something concrete going on person or through ZOOM, as I've not been contacted by authors of other discussions. Feel Free to Complete Interested, since I haven't been contacted -I've done a survey for those interested. If so feel free to complete so that there's something concrete going.

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