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Is it November 2 2022 too late for application if I reallly the scholarship from the law school?

Gracie567Gracie567 Alum Member
edited August 2022 in Law School Admissions 25 karma

The law school I try to apply is not T14, just local law school. I took the LSAT in August, but it seems like not very good. I'm thinking of taking LSAT in October, and the score will be released around Nov 2. I really need the scholarship, it is too late?

If my score from August is over the 75 percentile of the scores of the applicants, should I go ahead to apply with this score in order to increase my chance of getting scholarship? Or should I wait until November 2?

Really need advice.


  • AllDeerWearFearAllDeerWearFear Alum Member
    67 karma

    Every law school is different and while applying earlier in the admission cycle is typically advised to improve admission/scholarship opportunities (provided you have a sufficient GPA/LSAT score), this seems like the sort of question which you should direct towards the admissions office at the school you are trying to apply to. They can instruct you on how to proceed better than anyone on this site.

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