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Is it too late to take the LSAT in January for the 2023 cycle?

Arman115Arman115 Live Member

One of my main law school choices is UCLA. But the deadline to submit the application to UCLA is February 1, 2023, which is also the date which January 2023 LSAT results will be released. Is it possible to apply on exactly February 1?

Is there a way to request results on the LSAT to be released early?


  • Arman115Arman115 Live Member
    86 karma

    As an add-on to this post: Would it be far too late to apply exactly on February 1?

  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    edited August 2022 180 karma

    Technically, you are free to apply on February 1st, as it is the last day that applications are accepted.

    However, many would advise for potential law students to apply early, since most schools will have already filled up their seats by then. Could you wait a year before applying or move your LSAT date up?

  • WashingtonDCgalWashingtonDCgal Live Member
    edited September 2022 56 karma

    From what I've heard from other students a lot more students are waiting till january to send in LSAT scores because admissions for schools last year were waitlisting a lot of good applications with a good lsat score anyway so that they can wait to pick their best option. However, this is just what I've heard I have no concrete evidence on the matter.

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