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Pt's with 2 RC sections

lizv4675-2lizv4675-2 Alum Member
edited October 2022 in Reading Comprehension 24 karma

Hello, does anyone know a list of Pt's that have 2 RC sections?


  • Claudia77Claudia77 Alum Member
    106 karma

    There aren't any, unfortunately. All of the PTs have two scored LR sections except for PTs 90-92 (which have only 1 scored LR section plus 1 experimental LG or LR). But you can simulate what it feels like to take a double RC test by choosing a normal PT and selecting "Simulate Modern," and then creating a problem set that consists of 4 RC passages from a different test. Then do the problem set before starting the PT or in between sections.

  • lizv4675-2lizv4675-2 Alum Member
    24 karma

    Thank you!!

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