Thank You 7sage!!! 145-161

I just got back my score and was soo relieved that I got in the 160 range. Literarily just a couple months ago, I had no hope that I could score into this range until I got 7sage. Thank you guys sooo much for everything! I am still going to take the October LSAT because I know that I can get up to the 163-165 range but I am super pleased with my score especially considering how nervous I was on test day. I hope everyone got a good score!!


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  • hannah_leone-1-1hannah_leone-1-1 Alum Member
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    thank you for sharing this! this score jump is very encouraging to see and will keep me motivated to continue my hard work. 7sage has made me feel more confident since my last LSAT as well and i'm glad this paid off for you! fingers crossed i'll be posting the same discussion after getting oct LSAT scores!!! congratulations again!!! you deserve it! :)

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    Congrats on the improvement!

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