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Wrong answer journal for LR?

infinityandbeyond-1infinityandbeyond-1 Monthly Member
in General 84 karma

I noticed that some people use the wrong answer journal.
Do you find it useful?
I'd love to try it but do not know where to start.
It would be a huge help if you can share the document if there is any!


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Monthly Member
    edited October 2022 1943 karma

    I've found my LR journal extremely helpful. It forces you to articulate why you did or didn't select an answer choice, what went wrong during timed conditions, and what you can do to remedy it. I generally log the date I answered the question; the PT, section, and question number; the answer choice I selected, why I selected it, and why it's wrong; and the correct choice, why it's correct, and why I erroneously crossed it out during the test (if I did). I've also heard of people taking screenshots of the question and putting it in their journal, which I plan to start doing.

    I'm happy to share the google doc that I use. If you'd like it, just private message me. It's super informal because I kinda aimlessly started it when I began the CC, but it has still helped me a bunch.

  • blanklawblanklaw Alum Member
    463 karma

    Agree with all the sections @"Matt Sorr" does-- for an extra twist, I also like to add in the "quickest path to the right AC" which forces me to notice patterns or key pieces of information that are crucial to know to get that answer right and fast.

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