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To answer or not to answer, that is the question

JCPucketJCPucket Core Member
in General 5 karma

I can't seem to find a firm answer. If I run out of time on a section, is it better strategy to answer all of the questions in hope that I get some right by chance... or is it better to not answer the questions and leave them blank?

To be or not to be
  1. Answer or no?29 votes
    1. Answer
    2. Don't answer


  • claremontclaremont Core Member
    590 karma

    Unequivocally it is better to guess than leave any blank.

  • dexteritydexterity Core Member
    edited October 2022 768 karma

    ^^^ Yup.

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27848 karma

    @claremont said:
    Unequivocally it is better to guess than leave any blank.

    @dexterity said:
    ^^^ Yup.

    Absolutely correct.

  • baparacha-1baparacha-1 Member
    113 karma

    No points get deducted for guessing. The only way one gets a point deducted is if it is wrong, and no answer is 100% wrong. So if you are running out of time start guessing you have a higher chance of getting points then not answering.

  • ericawelty1-1ericawelty1-1 Core Member
    11 karma

    You have a 20% chance of guessing a right answer if you run out of time and a 20% chance of gaining another. If you leave it blank you have a complete 0% chance of getting no points.

    BUT say you leave 4 blank and you have 1 minute left on the section. Pick an escape answer choice and pick that for ALL of the questions. My go to is B on RC and C on LR. Pick 4 C's. Don't mix up your guesses unless you've already marked off wrong answer choices.

  • 165LSATDUDE165LSATDUDE Live Member
    76 karma

    Ok so I was taught that if you don't finish all the questions and don't have enough time, guess on the rest. Basically, you have a chance of getting the ones you guessed on right. There is no incentive to leave them blank so you might as well quickly guess the same letter for the rest you didn't answer. So from here on out, if you have like 30 seconds left or maybe less, figure out which letter you like best, and use that letter and quickly guess on the rest.

  • ProfLaytonProfLayton Member
    110 karma

    ANyone who says not to answer should be immediately banned from ever commenting or giving advice here

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