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To Loophole or not to loophole, that is the question

Hello everyone I just finished the CC and am still having difficulty with LR section under timed conditions. I have a pretty large discrepancy between my score under timed conditions and untimed (150’s Timed to 170’s untimed).

I just got the loophole because I need to improve my LR performance but I’m unsure about it’s effectiveness and whether it’s worth going through it if I already completed the CC.

My question to you is for those who have done both the CC and Loophole or just Loophole what do you guys suggest is the best way to approach the book. Should I even bother? If you did the CC first do you find it more confusing now to go through the book? What are the best benefits of the book?

Anything will be appreciated!


  • ConstantineConstantine Member
    edited December 2022 1329 karma

    As with any book, studying using Loophole is better than not studying at all. But if you would reverse-engineer 15 LR questions on your own instead, it would be much better and faster.

  • pnwrunnerpnwrunner Alum Member
    100 karma

    Both "the Loophole" and "CC" provide a framework of understanding. Like, Constantine alludes, however, the key to successful implementation of either or both resources is to customize the framework to your specific way of processing and applying. The key with LR, and likely LG and RC, is to develop your own strategies. Recognize the resources, such as "the Loophole" and "CC," as basic structures with centralized and broad concepts that you need to customize and build around based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and understanding.

  • eli1russianeli1russian Member
    24 karma

    I personally finished a prep course, LR Powerscore Bible, 7sage CC, a tutor for LR, and finally the Loophole. I can say without a doubt that was the single best factor for improving my LR score. Definitely recommend the Loophole and taking your time with it.

  • gisellegoadgisellegoad Core Member
    42 karma

    Loved the Loophole! Highly recommend.

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