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Is January 2023 LSAT to late to apply for Fall 2023?

gurpreetk35gurpreetk35 Core Member
edited October 2022 in Law School Admissions 151 karma

I have been studying for the lsat for a bit, however certain circumstances have occurred that I am not prepared to be taking the October LSAT, is there still a chance for me to apply to 2023 August if I take the January LSAT?


  • lawherrrlawherrr Core Member
    7 karma

    I wouldn't apply :/. I would take the test in January and knock it out of the park, and basically be ready to submit your applications August of 2023. You will have a better shot in general doing this.

  • jailynn.vidro-1jailynn.vidro-1 Core Member
    edited October 2022 16 karma

    It is not too late. You would just need to submit your materials before then (before Jan 15 is usually the priority deadine) and let them know you lsat score will be coming later. I would only do so, if you are confident on your ability to take exam. For example, it is not your first time taking it and you are looking to raise a few points.

  • grugthesluggrugtheslug Member
    107 karma

    chances will be lower but certainly not too late as long as you send in your applications before the end of the month.

  • dexysr7dexysr7 Core Member
    7 karma

    Depends on your schools, tbh. I know plenty of people who applied later in the cycle and got into their dream school or one of their tops. Though, you'll have to have personal statements and recs on file/sent in beforehand. I would apply still apply.

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