Week of the test - What are your plans?

twr20twr20 Member

Taking on Friday - may take one more PT on Tuesday.

What are y'all planning to do?


  • grugthesluggrugtheslug Member
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    Taking on Friday too. Probably gonna sacrifice a goat tomorrow, pray to the Nordic gods. Couldn't hurt at this point

  • ClaudioD21ClaudioD21 Member
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    Taking the LSAT Friday as well. Planning on taking my final PT Tuesday too! Gonna do some LG maybe LR drills on Wednesday and review the PT I took on Tuesday. Not gonna do anything at all on Thursday. Maybe a single LG but absolutely nothing more until the real test.

  • Muscle1988Muscle1988 Core Member
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    Take a PT of LawHub tomorrow and maybe one more PT on Wednesday. I have the entire week off leading into this exam

  • soapsoapsoapsoapsoapsoap Core Member
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    Taking the LSAT on Friday too. Hoping for no crazy outages or anything. PT on Tuesday-- a relatively more easy one I've saved as a confidence booster-- and review on Wednesday. Thursday might just drill a logic games set and a RC set to stay fresh. On Friday, going to try to act normal. But saturday? live decadently.

  • ProfLaytonProfLayton Member
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    Taking Saturday. My plan is a practice test today and Wednesday. I spent a weekend getting really ahead of classes so my plan is to do those, look at RC passages I bombed (RC is my worst section), and just take a breather.

    I've been doing about 3 tests/week for awhile, and suddenly stopping will raise my nerves. Treating the official test as a practice one will really help me stay confident.

    On the days before I do a practice test, I always do a hard RC set the day before, and then a medium difficulty LG the day of. It gets my brain running

  • arlenexzyarlenexzy Member
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    Eat good and sleep more. Review my wrong answer journal. Stay positive.

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