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LSAT Study Meeting Gangnam

Webby_GangnamWebby_Gangnam Alum Member
edited October 2022 in Study Groups 553 karma

Hello everyone!

My name is Ken. My friends and I host an LSAT study meeting at Gangnam every Sunday. It's free. If anyone else wants to join, please read the conditions below and send me a message to my inbox! (:

1) This LSAT study meeting takes place from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm every Sunday at the Gangnam station Exit 9 Wing Study Cafe.
2) The language of the study meeting is English and English only. Any constituent speaking Korean will be asked to speak in English. We will accept a mixture of English and Korean (Konglish).
3) We do not make a profit hosting this LSAT study meeting other than asking each constituent to pay for his or her usage of the meeting room at the study cafe. The fee for using this meeting room is 6,000 KRW per person (1,900 KRW per hour for each person x 3 hours = 5,700 KRW rounded up to 6,000 KRW). This fee must be paid for in advance as soon as the constituent confirms in writing that he or she will attend the upcoming study meeting. The cause for paying the fee in advance as soon as possible is because we have to reserve the meeting room at the study cafe according to the number of constituents attending the meeting.
4) The refund will be issued only if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the start time of the study meeting. For example, a constituent has to cancel at latest by 2:00 pm on Friday to receive the refund.
5) The method of payment is KakaoPay and KakaoPay only. The method of refund is KakaoPay and KakaoPay only.
6) Any constituent using profanity or exhibiting an aggressive behavior will be permanently removed from the study meeting.


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