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Please Help- How does missing a exam effect addmission??

Arete_SouthbayArete_Southbay Core Member

So I missed my Oct test, (my fault PST vs CST) I total miss read the time and when I logged in it was too late.What is the consequences on my application for missing an exam? I will schedule to take it on January again.


  • soapsoapsoapsoapsoapsoap Core Member
    54 karma

    I'm not sure but it will probably show up as a cancel I think, which is totally fine, law schools see cancels all the time and all they care about is your high score they get to report on their 509s. You'll do great in January, good luck!

  • Holly GolightlyHolly Golightly Core Member
    77 karma

    I think it will show up as an absent. You can write an addendum - I don't think it should be a problem.

  • B_MaximumB_Maximum Core Member
    192 karma

    To be honest, it might count toward your 7 limit.

  • HailMaryLSATHailMaryLSAT Live Member
    24 karma

    May count to 7. I recommend reaching out to LSAC folks and confirming what the outcome is, since LSAC will be reporting to Law schools.

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