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Question Type Breakdown on LSAT

Was wondering if there is a breakdown of the average number of LR questions by question type? The LSAT Trainer book has a page that shows how many of each category is “normally” on each exam. however the categories dont match perfectly with the 7sage curriculum. I figured 7sage must have a breakdown so that we know which categories will have 5-10 questions, and which will have 0-2.


  • legallittleslegallittles Live Member
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    Following! I'd appreciate this as well

  • sucralosedaddysucralosedaddy Alum Member
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    If you go on the analytics page (under the practice tab), on the chart that shows your LR question analysis. Hover your mouse over the circles and you can see the average amount of questions per test.

    Although I'm not sure if this has been updated to reflect the current 3 section test.

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