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Will I be able to re-take test due to proctor?

I was so frustrated when the proctor unmuted his mic and told me to "stand up!" I then told him no because I was taking my test and the time was ticking, in which he replied "okay, sorry." I lost my train of thought while working on a logic game and had to start over. As a result, I was not able to finish the last two questions of that section which left me frustrated throughout the rest of the exam.

Will I be able to re-take the LSAT?


  • shelby.ashelby.a Member
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    I'm sorry that happened. Did you submit an official complaint through LSAC? Under "LSAT Status" you can submit an official or unofficial complaint through "Submit test day feedback." If you submit it as an official complaint, they review it, and if they agree with you, you can request a re-take.

    I also had issues with my proctor and submitted an official complaint requesting a retest (can't say I'm thrilled about the options presented, however).

  • I am so sorry you guys had trouble too, I thought I was alone. I took the test last June and the proctor started 45 min late claiming they couldn't connect to my computer, although my computer showed a connection. They interrupted twice during the test saying they lost connection and it was a mess. I lost concentration and scored below 150. I then took it again in October and the first half went well other than the chat box showed that they were connecting the whole time, when I came back from break they didn't come on for about 15 min so I said I was going to try to find another way to instantly speak with them because the chat was not working, the proctor came right on and checked my room and then said he would enter the pw so I could start again, 15 more minutes goes by of nothing so I say again that I am going to try to connect somehow online and as I start to change the internet tab the proctor comes on and takes over my mouse and enters the password. By the last quarter of the test my water was kicking in and I lost focus yet again, after the test they never came on for a good 10 min so I ripped up and counted my scratch paper onscreen and said I had to go I couldn't wait any longer and the proctor pops on like he was there the whole time and tells me to go ahead.
    When I took the test in June there was no option to complain like they have now so I had no idea what to do and just signed up to take it again. The second time my score was exactly the same as the first time. It doesn't match my pretest scores by any means. This time around I filed a complaint but was scared to file an official complaint. I have signed up to take it again in Feb but have no idea how it's going to go with the proctor nightmare.

  • baparacha-1baparacha-1 Member
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    So if you just called LSAT the day of or right after the test they would have approved a retest for you. I personally experienced something similar to @candacestubblefield and was able to retake for august ( got a response the Monday after I filed and I filed right after my test - with the help of a Rep on call who walked me through what to write and how to file).

    Also had a similar situation this time around (Nov) towards the beginning and the LSAT people were very sympathetic and even offered me a retake if I had further proctoring issues. I choose to work it out because at that point having to stress for the exam for another week was not worth it; especially because I had classes on the retake day would have been unneeded stress and I had done so much the calm myself that day that even the representative complimented me for how level-headed and unpanicked I was. However, they also connected me to a really sweet proctor so that was also nice of them. When in doubt just use the hotline and they will help you.

  • @baparacha-1 thank you for your comment, if I have issues in Feb I am calling them. I didn't even think of that as an option, I thought of everything online but it would have been a huge support to explain to them what happened and have validation and help.

  • mz.roganmz.rogan Alum Member
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    Some of these protoctors have no training; like why do they keep messing up people's test... its the lack of caring that someone is actually taking a test for me.

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