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Scholarship Timeline

bmaxp523bmaxp523 Member

So I've now scored a 157 twice and have a 3.52 GPA. My only goal is to get a full scholarship from New York Law School (about 25% of their students get full scholarships). I'm not concerned about getting in but am likely right on the borderline for the full scholarship and I know I can score better than a 157 if I take the January LSAT, but is it even worth it? I feel like I could definitely use a couple extra points to get me over the edge, but I called the admissions office and they said 200 spots have already been given out so I feel like I need to get mine in ASAP.


  • LawMommaLawMomma Yearly Member
    27 karma

    Have you looked at all of their consumer data? it should break down further from the general data that schools use in marketing materials. It's an ABA required disclosure and in a standard format so you should be able to find it with a general internet search or via the ABA website. it will break down GPAs and LSAT score percentiles, etc.

    If the scholarship is your goal, it might be worth pushing back another year to boost your score, add some volunteer work to boost your resume/experience.

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