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Consistently scoring -7/8 on LR, what to do now?

I've been studying about 5 months full time now, and I am consistently scoring -7/8 on every LR I do.
What should I do at this point to make a breakthrough?
Any advice would help! Thank you all!


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Monthly Member
    1943 karma

    If I was in your shoes, I'd determine my steps forward based on a few factors: First, I'd consider if there was only two or three specific question types I'm missing. If there's a two or three that stick out and you're nearly perfect on the others, I'd say just focus on those types and you should see some large improvement. If, however, the question types are relatively dispersed, I'd next consider my BR score. Are you consistently going -0 or -1 during BR? If so, there's a great chance your issue is more with timing that understanding. If that's the case, I'd look up some timing strategies (you can find them from various prep companies and reddit posts), try out a few by doing timed sections, see which one "clicks" best for me, and practice it until it becomes second nature. Often, I think when people are only missing a few LR questions under time and/or only missing one or none during BR, just shoring up your timing strategy can net you multiple points. If you're missing more than 2 or 3 in BR, however, I'd consider revisiting the core curriculum (or whatever resource you've used to study LR) or trying a different prep company's approach. If you can't get questions right with unlimited time, the issue is probably more with your reasoning skills than your time management.

    With all of this being said, I'm not a tutor and I can't say my approach has helped anyone go from -7 to -1. This is just what I've done and it has helped me personally!

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