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Writing Sample Registration Question

applejacksapplejacks Core Member

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping to get some advice on when you can book your writing sample for the January 2023 exam date. On my lsac account it says that the Launch LSAT Writing link will appear on my account 8 days prior to my testing date. Therefore, 8 days prior to my actual lsat test, will I then register for a ProctorU day and time for my writing sample?

Any advice or experience would be appreciated as this is my first time completing the writing sample so I'd love some clarification.


  • am-437700am-437700 Member
    16 karma

    The writing sample happens through your LSAC account not ProctorU, there's no need to schedule that one as it can be done at any time! Just log into your LSAC account whenever you are ready to write and go under the tab that says 'writing sample' and its pretty straightforward from there.

  • applejacksapplejacks Core Member
    73 karma

    Thank you so much! @am-437700

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