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LSAT Writing

Nikolai6Nikolai6 Live Member
in General 26 karma

Is it better to craft the writing sample before or after taking the test? Does it matter? How many days/hours should usually be put into it? Thanks!


  • sl200000sl200000 Member
    3 karma

    It doesn't matter at all whether you write it before or after taking the test. I wrote mine after my test and got it approved the next day. It's super chill, unscored, and all you need to do is answer a question coherently in 35 minutes. There are examples of writing sample questions if you want to prepare beforehand but you probably won't need hours to prepare for it.

  • The2ndSageThe2ndSage Member
    edited February 6 64 karma

    ^Exactly. Probably just watch a couple of the videos in the writing section of the core curriculum and practice one or two and you'll be set.

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