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February 2023 LSAT

claw2023-1claw2023-1 Alum Member

Just curious how people felt about the Feb LSAT? I had LR-RC-LG-RC, did anyone else? I left like the LR was hard, both RCs were pretty easy except the last passage was a bit iffy & LG was normal.


  • JDream2023JDream2023 Member
    768 karma

    LR was harder than what I was used to going in. It was disheartening. LG were normal. RC was OK. But with LR, it felt as if they just threw the whole kitchen sink.

    I had LG-LR-LR-RC

  • claw2023-1claw2023-1 Alum Member
    106 karma

    @JDream2023 I agree! I wish I could re-do the LR because the difficulty caught me off guard :/

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