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How to just test one section while practicing?

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sometime i want to do a specific section at a time but don't know how to do so. i searched the previous posts (which was posted 2 years ago), but the "custom problem sets" they suggested cannot work now.


  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
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    You can do single sections of a PrepTest by creating a custom Drill with the questions for the one section that you want to take. Here are the steps to create a custom Drill:

    1. Go to the Drills page
    2. Select "Advanced Builder"
    3. Select PrepTest
    4. Filter Sections (LG, LR, RC)
    5. Filter tags
    6. Filter further by typing keywords like "pt36" (optional)
    7. Tap the plus icon at the leftmost column to add all the questions, or scroll down and mark the questions you want to include with the plus icon on the left
    8. Finally, tap on "Create Drill with ... questions" located at the bottom of the page

    Please see the sample GIF below:


    I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions, I am happy to assist you.

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    thank you so much!

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