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LSAT Loophole Translation Drills

tamarisktamarisk Monthly Member
edited March 24 in Logical Reasoning 5 karma

Hi everyone,

I recently started working my way through Ellen Cassidy's LSAT Loophole and have been doing a few translation drills, and I was just wondering how everyone else tends to work through these. I find myself anticipating how I'm going to translate these onto paper in my head, which I think might actually be slowing me down -- but I feel as though I have to reread the stimulus more times when I'm not constantly actively translating in my head. Of course, it's totally possible that I just think this to make myself feel like I'm doing something.

Tomorrow, I'll try doing another drill without constantly translating while reading and see how my timing matches up. Still, I'm curious -- how do you generally go about doing your translation drills?

LSAT Loophole Translation Drills
  1. Do you translate in your head while reading the stimulus, after the stimulus, or s/t in between?7 votes
    1. While reading the stimulus
    2. After reading the stimulus
    3. Something in between
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