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Woah.. What can I do to get this timed?

Rasheed N.Rasheed N. Member
edited November 2013 in General 65 karma
So I've been averaging about 155 on timed PTs and decided to go really hard on the studying this past week. I took PT 57 un-timed today an got a 167 (far above my target score).

I realized that the reason I would score a 155 is because I would fall for a lot of the trap answers under timed circumstances. My question to you 7Sagers is what can I do to get as close as possible to that 167 (untimed) in a timed situation by the December test?

LG: -0 to -4
LR: -9 to -13
RC: -7 to -12

PT 57 (untimed)
LG: -0
LR1: -5
LR2: -3
RC: -7


  • Christina ChavezChristina Chavez Alum Member
    11 karma
    I mean no matter what you have to work under timed constraints. Also, I would take another timed PT. Don't get lost in the psychology of numbers. If you studied that hard this week see where/if you have improved.

    Aside from that, I would focus on the LR you're strongest at and skip the questions that take you more time. Try testing under timed 35 min. for each section to see where your weakest/most time consuming ?'s are & take note of it. That way you know exactly what to skip. Get points for what you DO KNOW!
  • The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
    edited November 2013 283 karma
    When you are working through it untimed, an issue you may be having is you are taking an inefficient route to the correct answer, even though you may get there quite often in blind review judging from the 167. So, when you blind review, and get it correct, try and remember how you convinced yourself it was the right answer in the first place. Then, ask yourself, how did I just reason my way through to the right answer - and more importantly how can I make this whole process faster? If you're taking 5 unnecessary steps in solving the question, but still hitting the right steps, you may as well be doing them in correct since this test is so strictly timed. Be aware when you do unnecessary steps in your analysis process and work to fix them. My last pt was 156 so we are quite similar (and I blind review at about 165) and this is the suggestions I've got from my tutor and I do believe it works. Let me know how things go
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    I do NOT recommend doing full-length PTs untimed....because it's unrealistic. That's why I really like Blind Review; you get the opportunity to compare how you did under timed conditions with untimed conditions.

    To improve your timing, I recommend doing single 35-minute timed sections during the week between PTs. That way you are slowly building up your timing skills, and have the opportunity to BR more sections. Do the timed section for whatever topic you are covering in your 7Sage lessons that week (LR/LG/RC). At this point, I'm having a lot of trouble finishing all 4 RC passages, so I'm going to turn my focus there for a while. Good luck!
  • Rasheed N.Rasheed N. Member
    edited November 2013 65 karma
    Okay, here's an update that really really surprised me.

    I just took PT 58 TIMED and BR'd it.

    LR: -12 (I can say that 8 of those were because I misread a word as opposed to thinking illogically, e.g. I read deference as difference on the elders and young adults question -.-)
    RC: -3 (This really caught me off guard. I decided to speed read through the passages and out of all 27 questions only referred back to the passage for 3 questions. I also was familiar with two of the passages in terms of subject matter so that may have helped.)
    LG: -1 (The one I got wrong was due to overlooking a rule in the first game. I finished the first 3 games in 17 minutes giving me the remaining 18 minutes to do the last one, which in my opinion was the hardest one and took all of those 18 minutes)
    LR2: -6

    Timed Score: 162 BR Score: 166

    I was able to finish every section on time for the first time in all PT tests I take. I credit this to taking PT 57 un-timed. I feel like when I did it untimed I really fleshed out each question and its type.

    My target score is 155 because that's the median to my target school, but 160+ would guarantee some pretty nice grants or maybe even the possibility of going to another school I have in mind should I get something along these lines on test day.

    What do you guys make of this? My average was 155 after taking PT 56 with my highest score being a 156. Now on PT 58 I got a 162.
  • K SK S Member
    86 karma
    I think it is because you finally sat down and really understood the material.
  • Rasheed N.Rasheed N. Member
    65 karma
    I really hope so. Still have plenty of time till Dec. 7th to make scoring in this range a habit.
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    3438 karma
    way to go Rasheed ...if you can do that you will be on your way to a hefty FinAid package from your target school...all the best!!!
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