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7pt score drop close to June exam

letsgeta175_0512letsgeta175_0512 Core Member
in General 14 karma

I recently broke into my goal score of 172-3 last week on 3 PTs (88,92,93) and had been getting 166-168 before that but this week I took two PTs (85/87) and both of them I dropped down to 165-66...I'm taking the June exam and I'm so nervous...I usually don't really have an issue with timing (have 2-5 minutes after sections to go back and review) but on PT85 and 87 I had such a big problem with timing to the point that I had just 30 seconds left to answer the last LR and RC questions.

On PT85 I had gotten -2 on RC but -6/-7 on each LR sections while I got -7 on RC and -2/-6 on LR for PT87. LR and RC tend to be my weaker spots but usually at MOST I would get -5 wrong. Even LG games where I tend to get 0 wrong, I got up to 2 wrong.

I've been studying 2-3hrs everyday (I work full time) since February but had been studying 6 days a week since October. I usually take a PT every Sunday but have ramped it up to every Sat + Sun since last month. My weekday study schedule is switching between 2 timed LR sections + 2 RC passages + 1 LG game and 2 timed RC sections + 15 LR Q + 1 LG game.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong....I wasn't able to study as hard as usual this week because of work commitments but I still feel like a 7pt drop is pretty substantial.

Please if anyone has any insights to why such fluctuations happen, how to overcome, best practices, anything -- would appreciate it


  • sucralosedaddysucralosedaddy Alum Member
    309 karma

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, just BR them thoroughly. Some of the PTs in the 80s are notoriously difficult.

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