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Working Full Time & studying

jaygaleonejaygaleone Live Member
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to write for the December LSAT while working full-time. I currently am working in "big-law" and the hours are crazy at times. I'm seeking advice on how to juggle job, girlfriend, and life basically... I know essentially its up to me on how to handle all this but I would greatly appreciate to hear from people who happen to be dealing with a busy schedule and are trying to shot for the 165-170 range.

Best of luck!


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Have you started studying yet? If not, I'd say what's the rush? You're lucky to have what sounds like a job that sustains a living so if say hang onto that and shoot for June with September and December of next year to fall back on. If your schedule is really that crazy and you have a significant other, I'd say your best bet is to take it easy and take your time with prepping since the LSAT and law school will be there when you are really ready. If you're well into studying and near this range already then you could pull it off, but from the limited information you provided that doesn't seem to be the case.
  • jaygaleonejaygaleone Live Member
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    Hey thanks for your post! I have started going over materials but nothing serious yet. I have considered taking it in June 2016 but I also am thinking about applying to Law school for the fall of 2016 (part-time) programs. Therefore, December is the deadline if I want to go that route. I'm going to take a diagnostic soon and will have a better idea on where I am, etc. thanks again!
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    No problem. If your diagnostic is in the 160s and you can spare 10-20 hours per week when needed, then it might be doable. If you're much under that then it's likely going to take a larger investment in time. As long as you're open to both possibilities (starting fall 2017 versus fall 2016) then you'll be in a good place mentally to start prepping. It's very much akin to choosing safety schools that you would be happy to attend as it helps take a lot of the pressure off of prepping that a lot of people feel when they're all like HYS/180 or bust when those are not realistic goals for the vast majority of people and they set themselves up for disappointment. Let us know how the diagnostic goes and fill us in on your goals and other qualifications and we will be able to paint a better picture of what you're up against. Good luck!
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
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    Hey, man. I know exactly what you're going through. I work 10 hour shifts Monday - Friday, and on certain days pull night shifts at my other job. I still have to make time for the girlfriend on the weekdays and try to have a little bit of peace time for my own sanity. I usually do 1 PT every week on Saturday mornings and BR the entire day and drill and look over my mistakes on Sundays. The best advice would be to not go for long periods of time not studying, because if you're newer to the material and the core curriculum, you could tend to forget a lot of stuff and feel defeated when drilling/taking PT's.
  • Andrew KAndrew K Member
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    I also work in big law. My experience studying while working crazy hours is the following. It is kind of like an in/out game. Here are the rules:

    I want to do four things. Socialize, work, study, relax.
    I only have time to do exactly two things.
    I can study or relax, but not both.
    I can work or socialize, but not both.

    So 7 days a week, my schedule is like this:

    In: study, work
    Out: socialize, relax

    It is tough, but if you are working in big law you know that the hours of a big law lawyer require lots of sacrifice so in a way studying for the LSAT is like prepping to be a lawyer (at least one in big law).
  • katherinestein24katherinestein24 Alum Member
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    I agree with Andrew. I also recommend getting up early when you start PTing. I work a ton of crazy hours but on the nights I do get home before 11 I make sure to go right to bed so I can get up and PT. Not sure about your experience at the firm you are at, but my job is intellectually demanding and I often do associate work on my busiest days, so by the end of the day my brain is taxed. Getting in my studying/PTing before the day begins is the only way I've been able to break into the low 170s.
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