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Strong on LR, need practice on LG and RC

brijstewartbrijstewart Core Member
in General 18 karma

I've done the diagnostic and before using 7sage (and now realizing I shouldn't have) I did a few practice tests. I consistently did very well on the LR (-4 to -0) but need some work on the LG and RC. Part of that is because I took formal logic in college which helps a lot with LR. I also saw that the LR section was 120 hours of time where the other two are each 40. Because of this, I thought it was better to try to go through the other two sections of the course, and see how I'm doing on practice tests after that before seeing if I needed to do the LR section.

But as I'm starting to go through the RC section of the course I'm seeing that there are a couple small references to the LR section. I wanted to see if it's worth going the entirety of the LR course section now or if there are a few specific parts of it that are relevant but not necessarily the entirety. Has anyone else been in a similar situation where they're good at LR but need to work on the other two? Would love any advice people have!

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