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How do you guys study?

imtryinggggggimtryingggggg Core Member
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How do you guys study for LSATS after the core curriculum? Like how many practice tests do you guys take a week? I work full time so I can mostly just do practice tests over the weekend. Do I just do drills the other days and which drills should I do?


  • maxkrumanmaxkruman Core Member
    173 karma

    I work full time also. I try to do 2 prep test and blind review them during the week, and one on the weekends

  • Xavier166Xavier166 Core Member
    152 karma

    I work full time also but I drill throughout the week and do at least one PT on the weekend not every weekend because sometimes I'm exhausted . I also drill RC during my lunch break at work.

  • il-legally-brunetteil-legally-brunette Live Member
    270 karma

    When I'm not busy at work, I try to do most of my drilling then so I can have more time to relax after work. I focus my drills on my weakest question type areas and drill until 100%. then I'll do a full LR or RC section on some days during the week as well. I take a PT on Saturday and BR it on Sunday. Then i use those results to plan my drilling and focus areas for the next work week. I will say though that I tend to get lazy with PT'ing on the weekend bc im so tired so some weekends i dont do one (:/)

  • imtryinggggggimtryingggggg Core Member
    77 karma

    Thank you!! This really helps! I was stressed because I'm about to start doing practice tests for April Lsat and did not have time during weekdays.

  • hollyrose613hollyrose613 Live Member
    173 karma

    @il-legally-brunette when you drill until 100%, is that BR 100%, or timed? or untimed?

  • hannueyobBKhannueyobBK Live Member
    4 karma

    appreciate this thread! I also work full time and have been studying for a few months but its been really difficult to manage with work and other obligations- how many hours a week do you all try and aim for per week- im still getting through the curriculum and planning to take the exam this summer so i have a time but rlly need to be on track i feel, also anyone have tips on how the improve the timing of their sections

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