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How long did it take to do well on the logic games?

ginaaaaaaaaginaaaaaaaa Member
in Logic Games 32 karma
Hey guys! I have just started going over the lessons for the games and am feeling discouraged. I always don't make enough inferences and have difficulty solving the problems. How long did it take you guys to start doing well on them? Thanks!


  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
    1749 karma
    If you watch JYs instructional videos after doing a game yourself, then do the game again his way, then do it again his way, then do it again his way.....You will do it correctly and faster the next time you see a similar game...and you will see a similar game. Quick gains this way.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I did this method for a few weeks and got through about a third of all the LGs from 1-35, and I've now done probably two thirds of those:

    After doing the curriculum and ~1-12 I was down to -0 to -2 on full LG sections so I felt comfortable enough to PT. I do a section every other day or so to keep my skills up. It takes some time but LG is the most fun part of the test so it doesn't really seem like work. Just keep doing them over and over and you'll develop a lot of great skills and intuition.
  • Faaabs93Faaabs93 Alum Member
    82 karma
    I literally did nothing but logic games for 3 weeks, and was able to get up from -10 to an average of -1.

    However, you should always keep up with your skills once they're acquired. I made the mistake of not practicing logic games for a bit, and saw myself drifting away from my -1 average and more towards -3.
  • jenifferkjenifferk Member
    94 karma
    I printed 2 sets of 1-35, finished them in prep for the June LSAT, ended up postponing it.. and I recently printed and completed the 2 sets of 1-35 and was super amazed by how much I actually learned.. I didn't memorize any answers, but I had really built the intuition to make inferences... There were games that I remember watching the videos for over and over again, and it never really stuck. This second round of 1-35 flew by much faster, and I rarely had to refer to the videos -- just to check that I was correctly diagramming, and understand the occasional, but RARE, wrong answer!

    Now I am going through LG, and pretty much flying through them with pretty high accuracy. KEEP working on it, this was never a strong point of mine!
  • PMLSAT83PMLSAT83 Alum Member
    edited August 2015 124 karma
    I keep a spreadsheet of: date taken, PT#, time, score, and comments. I've done over 200 game sections during my practice. I score -0 to -1 consistently and finish most game sections in 30 min or less.
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