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Memory Method?

Goal>120Goal>120 Legacy Member
Hey, Im working my way through the RC section and have a couple quick questions. For doing the memory Method is it best that I print out the RC questions and do it by hand or is it fine to just look at the screen, read through it, then look away and try to recall? I know this may be a personal preference thing. JY says to flip over the page. Im struggling to get this method to work for me and it seems to be taking me large amounts of time so if someone could give me a little more insight and detailed or even semi detailed explanation into their process that would be very helpful to me.

I went through the explanation video again and realized that my summaries at the end of the paragraph where way to long so I will have to cut that down.


  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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  • Goal>120Goal>120 Legacy Member
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    thanks for the bump still struggling with this
  • StopLawyingStopLawying Alum Member
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    The entire goal of the memory method is for you to internalize/be able to articulate what each paragraph is saying and what the main point of the entire passage is. Whether you write it down or try doing it in your head during practice makes no difference. In fact, doing it your way is probably even better since you won't have the luxury of writing paragraph summaries during the real exam. The writing part of the MM is really a means to an end. So as long as you're not sacrificing your understanding of the passage when doing it on your computer you're good to go.

    As far as the effectiveness of the MM, there's no better method out there IMHO. It's simplicity makes it far better than the other study programs that are way too mechanical in their approaches. It's simple: Understand the shit BEFORE moving on to the questions and you'll be fine. 7SAGE underscores the importance of doing upfront work (treating the RC passage like a logic game) and by simply following this advice I've improved my RC dramatically. Hope this helps!
  • Goal>120Goal>120 Legacy Member
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    Yeah that definitely helps. I've been trying to practice and I think its starting to click. However I keep making really stupid answer choices because Im not doing the same thing for the questions so upon review I feel stupid because I know my answers wrong almost immediately once i reread it.

    My summaries where also still to long and Ive been working to cut it down. I just found a nice video where JY explains the bones of what his version of main points for a passage are (LSAT 21 S4 passage 3 for anyone interested) and I find that incredibly useful cause it gives me a bench mark.
  • knh9455knh9455 Alum Member
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    What if I cannot finish each step for each assigned mins?
    Just keep practice until I can reduce the time to that assigned?

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