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New iOS 9 may cause 7Sage app issues for some devices

Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
in General 3026 karma
The newest version of Apple's iPhone/iPad/iPod operating system, iOS 9, was just released earlier today. Upgrading to this new version may cause parts of the 7Sage app to stop working for some devices.

I've been running the app on my iPhone with iOS 9 (I got an early release) for about a week without seeing any problems on the app. But I've heard that there are problems with other people's devices, and I confirmed that the Grader and Course options stopped working on my iPad mini after upgrading.

Sorry if this iOS 9 problem affects your device! We already made a fix, and submitted it to Apple for approval just a minute ago. Hopefully they'll approve the update quickly, but they usually take a week, sometimes much longer.
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