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I have only 2 months left how can I plan the schedule smart?

EnjoylsatEnjoylsat Alum Member
ive been studying lsat for a year already (approximately 1-2 hrs a day). My initial pt score is 153, and after 3-4 months I got around 160. However the score just doesn't go up anymore. I about to take the test on dec. 6th so I have literally 2 months left. My target in dec is 165+. Is that reasonable?
I just purchased this course 5 days ago and I found this course really useful but, I've already wasted all the pts (40-75). So I don't know how to follow the schedule of this course in a smarter way in this case.
I quit my job few days ago so now I have 8 hrs ago (!!!)
Anybody who got similar experience or anybody who has any idea about what should I do now?
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