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Looking for online study buddy/group for Dec LSAT

granny_smithgranny_smith Member
edited November 2020 in Study Groups 91 karma
Hi there,

Hope you're having a good Saturday. I'm currently studying for the Dec LSAT and thought I'd post because I'm looking for a study buddy/group of people I can meet with online (difficult for me to find people in Minnesota), over skype. I've tried to join in on some BR groups but the Fri/Sat understandably doesn't seem to work for everyone. Also, I'm not sure if I'm looking only for someone to BR an entire exam with, but could do more low-commitment stuff like go over an LR section together for an hour, and maybe we can target weaknesses together. Currently in the mid-upper 150s and would love to get tips and share tips with whoever who's down! I have a very flexible schedule--shoot me a message! I just think verbalizing why answer choices are right or wrong could probably help lot of us out on sections like LR.

Have a good rest of your weekend! :)


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