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It can be inferred that the author refers to "7sage" -primarily to refer to...

ltownsjrltownsjr Alum Member
edited October 2015 in Reading Comprehension 84 karma
So for questions where they ask you to refer to a given statement in the question stem, are we looking for a subtle answer that's not too specific in general?


  • GSU HopefulGSU Hopeful Core
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    I'm understanding your question to refer to some RC stems that might ask "The author most likely describes the theory as "blah blah blah" in order to" or "The primary function of the reference "blah blah blah" is to...". If not, please correct me and give me a specific stem. Otherwise, these stems are essentially asking for the purpose of a phrase or word which directly tests your ability to pick up on reading structure. The hard part of this stem is not to finding the relevant information but finding out how the phrase/word in question relates to the passage as a whole. The more you understand how this part plays a role in the passage as a whole, the faster and more accurately you will be able to eliminate the obviously wrong answer choices.

    Wrong answers will be wrong for many reasons but the two most common would be misrepresentation of the passage as a whole or misrepresentation of the the role the word or phrase is playing in the passage. Always be wary of the answer choices that embellish or blow something out of proportion.

    As you asked, it most likely will be a subtle answer that will be correct. More often than not, it will address the role from an angle that you didn't think of at first. The most common right answers will involve roles that directly relate to the main point. Sometimes they might even represent main opinions. As with the rest of the test, I always try to work wrong to right and POE as much as possible.
  • ltownsjrltownsjr Alum Member
    edited October 2015 84 karma
    Yep, this what I was asking for. Thanks
  • GSU HopefulGSU Hopeful Core
    1644 karma
    @ltownsjr said:
    Yep, this what I was asking for. Thanks
    No problem. Good luck!
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