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Change test date or withdraw?

YY MMMM.YY MMMM. Alum Member
edited May 2013 in General 73 karma
I registered for June LSAT (Jun.23) in Asia and it's the last day (May 29) to change my test date today.
I am not prepared at this moment but I still want to give it a shot if I work out something 20 days I haven't change my test date yet.

Is that any other disadvantages except losing money if I withdraw after today? I wonder if there will be a note of "absent" in my track and I lose one chance to take the exam within 2 yrs (Because of the policy of taking no more than 3 exams within 2 yrs)



  • Mark RobinMark Robin Free Trial Member
    40 karma
    Ironically I posted the very same question earlier yesterday and withdrew my June 10th because I did not feel fully prepared. The advice I was given, if I may paraphrase, was that unless you feel absolutely ready and you've done the proctored timed exams and have a score your comfortable with then you could be doing more harm than good.


  • Anthony Espinoza-1Anthony Espinoza-1 Alum Member
    7 karma
    Well if your not prepared then your not ready to take the exam. A disadvantage is that some law schools average exam scores. On the other hand, some schools take the highest score while yet others will take the highest score but will require a statement explaining the disparity in scores. In terms of this disadvantage, it really depends on what schools you are wanting to attend.
  • Mark TenorioMark Tenorio Free Trial Member
    edited May 2013 299 karma
    Hey Yingxue

    I don't think there is anything disadvantageous if you withdraw to my understanding. I don't think its like withdrawing a college course in the middle of the semester and having that "not so good-looking W" on your transcript.

    This is all the info I could find on withdrawing and it looks like it doesn't hurt you too much besides the risk of losing your money from my understanding. I could be wrong though.
  • Jeff TJeff T Free Trial Member
    19 karma
    As someone who has withdrawn before, I can confirm that the only downside to it is losing the $ if you don't do it by the refund deadline. It will not show up on your record (essentially, it's as if you never even signed up).
  • Justin GilesJustin Giles Free Trial Member
    44 karma
    Withdrawing is perfectly okay after the "deadline". What you mentioned, losing the opportunity, only happens if you no-show without withdrawing. They do not take too kindly to that, but withdrawing, even late, works for them.
  • AdamAdam Free Trial Member
    3 karma
    I'm applying to Canadian law schools and most take the highest LSAT score. My target is a 170 and I'm scoring in the 167-169 range. Would it be worth writing the June LSAT with the chance that I hit my target, or is there still a drawback of a recording a lower score in this scenario?
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14074 karma
    @Adam, I don't know about Canadian law schools. For American law schools, it varies, but my impression is that they take the high score if it's significantly higher (like 5+ points) but will average if if it's within the score band (plus/minus 3 points). Totally anecdotal evidence from talking to the admissions deans while I was at HLS. Please offer other perspectives, guys.
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